Jean Beauvoir "Rock Masterpieces Vol 1" CD Review

Legendary rocker Jean Beauvoir returns to the music fold with a collection of songs showcasing his 30 year career as a songwriter, performer and producer. Rock Masterpieces Vol 1 is indeed a collection of tracks from various Beauvoir projects (Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X), as well as his solo career. His mega hit "Feel the Heat" is indeed included here, along with the Voodoo X penned "The Awakening" (from the Wes Craven Movie Shocker), and the Crown of Thorns song "Rock Ready" which was featured on the MTV Rock Band game.

Vol 1 is a strong collection of personal and fan favourites that really showcases Jean as the consummate performer and songwriter that he is. His new version of the Crown of Thorns track "Standing on the Corner For Ya", which he recently performed on the Wendy Williams show, ends out this collection of tracks.

Any fan of Jean or the bands that he has worked including The Ramones, Little Steven, and KISS, will be able to sink their teeth into this collection of melodic rock tunes.

Jean Beauvoir Rock Masterpieces Vol 1 is now released through AOR Heaven and available through the usual online outlets including Amazon and Spotify. Jean and AOR Heaven will also be releasing Vol 2 at a later date.


1.Faith, 2. Crown of Thorns, 3. Dying for Love, 4. Feel the Heat (Cobra soundtrack), 5. Lyin', 6. Heartbeat, 7. The Awakening (Shocker soundtrack), 8. Missing The Young Days, 9. Hike It Up, 10. Secret Jesus, 11. Rock Ready (EA/MTV Rock Band Game, 12. The One, 13. Voodoo Queen, 14. Standing on The Corner For Ya (2017 new single version as performed on the Wendy Williams show)

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