From Concept To Design

Below is an insight into how our designs came about, and the concepts that brought them to life.

From day one, it was very important to have the designs much more than just your basic images for T-shirts. We identified early on that any concepts we came up with had to be more. They had to represent the artist/band in an artistic way. Something that would not only be a showcase to their image, but their music as well. They had to have an attitude that commanded attention to detail, and they had to bare a rich colour palette depending on design.

It took us back to a time when you would purchase an LP based on the cover alone. What you witnessed was more than just images on a cardboard sleeve. It was ART. It took your eye, and it made you want to pick up that cover for a closer inspection.

It was then down to a process of eliminating all our ideas. Anything 50/50 was sent to the recycle bin. No questions asked. We wanted the best, so only the best concepts made it through to the next stage, not matter who came up with them :)

Our marque artist was Jean Beauvoir. Jean has a very iconic image and stage persona. With his projects in Voodoo X and Crown of Thorns also part of our roster, we started sifting through many online photos and album covers, getting basic ideas of what we wanted.

The ideas came fairly easily once we were on a roll. We ended up with enough material to work with, giving us a clear understanding that the hard work was just about to begin. We wanted to present Jean, Voodoo X and Crown of Thorns in the greatest of light. Not only were the basic designs important, but we also wanted the colourings to have a WOW factor, that would allow the designs to represent true works of art.

Once we had our concepts finalized, it was time to deliver those to Jean.

We originally presented the following ideas.
Jean Beauvoir – 4 concepts
Voodoo X – 3 concepts
Crown of Thorns – 3 concepts

From there, it became a discussion point, throwing some ideas at each other to see what stuck. To be honest, the majority of the ideas were approved by Jean fairly quickly, proving that we were on the right track from the beginning. We had a clear understanding, and Jean shared that same vision.

We agreed upon 6 designs to go to the next stage.
Jean Beauvoir - 3 
Voodoo X - 2
Crown of Thorns - 1

Next, it was time to get the design team at ALL4BAND onboard. From the first few emails to them, it was obvious to us, we had chosen the ideal team to work with. They shared our enthusiasm and vision for the concepts. Their communications were professional, explaining the processes in great detail, and most importantly, they were extremely excited to work with us.

Over the next 2 months, we watched our concepts come to life. From the basic hand drawn black/whites, to the final coloured illustrations, ALL4BAND knew exactly what we wanted and what we were all about. Throughout all of our communications with them, and Jean for that matter, it was very clear that we were all on the same page for pretty much the entire creative process.

I have included an example of how these were put in place, from the basic ideas that we brought to Jean, to the final result delivered to us by ALL4BAND.

Crown of Thorns "Cross”

This was one of those concepts that came quite naturally. Our vision was to incorporate a generic cross with crown, staying true to the image. We also highlighted the need for a crown of thorns to be included in the final design, just giving it enough of a religious tone (due to the band name), but not making it a focus of the design.

What we originally presented to Jean was a mock version of a cross with a crown in the blood red and gold colour tones. It was very important to our concept that those colours remained a focus. Jean green lit this one immediately, loving the direction, and thought the colours really entrenched the true nature of the theme.

The designers really took this concept to another level. They elongated the original cross to be more of a "dagger" style, giving the design a lot more depth, and much more attitude. They also made the crown more angled, completely changing the original image, and giving the face of the crown more prominent features and sharper points. Incorporating the crown of thorns like we asked, the design was completed quickly. They changed the blood red tone for more of a rich ruby red, giving the cross an elegance not seen in the original. The gold was predominantly used for the logo and the crown, but also giving depth to the cross as an outline.

Once the final design came back, we were all beyond excited. Our concept had been brought to life in a way we had only dreamed. It's a design that truly represents the concept we had envisioned for the band.

Moving forward, we will endeavour to bring our ideas to life, giving fans of these bands more than just a basic design. This is a work of art.