• Beauvoir/Free "American Trash" CD review

    BEAUVOIR/FREE - "American Trash" Rock legends Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free reunite with a collaboration that not only brings these two iconic musicians back together since the early Crown of Thorns days, but another dimension to the ear candy we have come to know from them. Their chemistry is wel... View Post
  • Voodoo X - The Awakening Vol 1 Album Review

    Voodoo X - The Awakening Vol 1 After a successful solo career through the mid 80’s, Multi instrumentalist and ex Plasmatics member Jean Beauvoir is energized once again by the prospect of a band environment. The year is 1989. The band, Voodoo X. Accompanied by a larger than life image and an eve... View Post
  • From Concept To Design

    Below is an insight into how our designs came about, and the concepts that brought them to life. From day one, it was very important to have the designs much more than just your basic images for T-shirts. We identified early on that any concepts we came up with had to be more. They had to repres... View Post